valpres“Passion is the essential ingredient of our work”: this is the way the Italian company Valpres faces the market. Valpres is the industrial company owned by the Bonomi Group and associated with other companies of the same group called Valbia and Rubinetterie Bresciane.

The production of the company is focused both nationally and internationally on ball valves (mainly focused on both steel and carbon ones), on cast iron butterfly valves and accessories belonging to the same industry – like carbon steel split-body ball valves, 3 and 2 ways stainless steel ball valves, cast iron flanged ball valves and similar – offering a wide range of products to fit every customers need.

Valpres team believes that the quality of the production is the real power leverage on the market, together with company certifications related to quality standards, to the environmental management system, to respect of the safety and health of employees and workers in the workplace. Read more »

Loriblu-Made-in-italy-shoes-homeLoriblu is one of the most popular brands of handmade shoes made in Italy. The well-known brand that creates artisanal footwear for women and men has its strengths in the use of selected materials of the highest quality, and in the creation and assembly of shoes that mostly takes place manually, by following strict quality criteria.
The history of the brand Loriblu begins in the early 70′s, when Graziano Cuccù, buffing shoes from a young age, decided to found the Company to realize the shoes collections he has in mind.

This is how, from the garage to the house, the owner of Loriblu started drawing the first models of the women’s shoes made in Italy that gave him both visibility and the first longtime collaborators.
However it is with the creation of the “mignon” collection with lists intertwined that the footwear Company from Marche has the real turning point, that at the same time imposes a new target and the developing of future collections to satisfy class customers.
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slamSLAM and the Italian Sailing Federation together until 2005. The agreement between SLAM and the Federazione Italiana Vela has been renewed. Genoa, where SLAM was founded twenty or so years ago, and home to the FIV headquarters, provides the setting for an agreement between the two driving forces of national sailing. The agreement seals the already strong, close connections between the two entities, confirming the company in its role of Official Supplier to FIV until 2005 and continuing a relationship which began three years ago.